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Recent translation projects

Here are some of the translation projects we worked on recently:

  • AGM documentation for several DAX companies
  • Various company guidelines and internal compliance and corporate governance documents for well-known major enterprises
  • Resolution proposals and presentations for decision-making bodies of Dax corporations
  • Legal opinions and scientific publications of leading legal academics
  • Various financial documents and reports of globally active companies
  • Extensive litigation and process documents in an international compliance matter of a leading German car manufacturer
  • SPA for the data services sector, volume approx. EUR 60mn
  • Syndicated loan agreement in the logistics sector, volume approx. EUR 150mn
  • Judgement in a financial markets case, value in dispute approx. EUR 22mn
  • Documentation related to the group restructuring of a leading German utilities company
  • SPA for real property transaction, volume approx. EUR 250mn
  • Various documents related to the preparation of of a takeover offer in the semi-conductor industry
  • Extensive documentation for a major German financial institution in various international compliance matters
  • Syndicated loan agreement in the e-commerce sector, volume approx. EUR 140mn
  • Extensive spin-off documentation relating to the splitting-up of METRO group
  • Real property SPA in the logistics sector, volume > EUR 6mn
  • Documentation related to a large transaction in the financial services sector