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Certified translations

Certified translations

HK Translations also offers certified translations. Such certified translations may be required by courts, public authorities or public notaries, but have also been requested in cross-border M&A transactions. Holger Knoblauch and team member Carola Striebel are both translators appointed by a German court for this purpose.

You will receive an advance PDF scan of the sealed and stamped certified translation and the original will be delivered to you by registered mail, courier or personal delivery, as per your instructions.


Since the process of sealing, stamping, paraphing, signing and stapling a certified translation is quite time-consuming, the fees for certifying ‘your’ translation depend on the volume:

  • up to 10 pages (source document): EUR 50.00
  • 11 to 20 pages (source document): EUR 80.00
  • 21 to 30 pages (source document): EUR 110.00
  • more than 30 pages: EUR 30.00 for each additional 10 pages or part thereof

The above fee amount includes delivery of the original certified translation by registered mail within Germany. If you request delivery by courier or personal delivery or delivery outside Germany, additional costs will apply.