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It was a coincidence that some years ago led to the extension of the service portfolio of HK Translations to include audio recordings / dubbing: after the translation of a training presentation for a customer it turned out that the company also needed an audio recording of the training materials for an international e-learning module offered globally to all company employees of the department concerned. Since the company founder, Holger Knoblauch, is a passionate musician and had both the necessary know-how and the required professional recording hardware available in his recording studio, the required audio recording could promptly be conducted. Ever since, the implementation of audio recordings of all kind is part of the range of services offered by HK Translations.

Fee structure

The conducting of audio recordings is invoiced on a time basis or a fixed price basis, depending on the personnel used and the specific tasks required. Please contact us if you wish to receive individual advice and/or a quote. The fee is agreed with the client before the commissioning of the project.