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Based on demand in our home market, Germany, the largest part of our work concerns translations from German to English or, respectively, from English to German. In addition, members of our team are also able to provide translations from and into the following languages: French, Spanish and Greek. Besides, in the case of other required language pairs, we are able in many cases to recommend competent and well-proven colleagues, with whom we and our clients have already collaborated successfully.

Fee structure – overview

The services fees structure of HK Translations is clear and transparent. Key facts at a glance:

  • no minimum fee per order
  • guaranteed fee amount at the time of assignment of the translation project
  • no lump-sum surcharges for overnight, weekend or holiday work
  • no surcharges for express delivery or text complexity
Standard fee (1 text line = 55 characters): EUR 2.60 per line
Extra formatting required (+ 25%): EUR 3.25 per line
Overnight, weekend or holiday surcharge (+ 50%):
(only if expressly agreed, only for the concerned part of the text)
EUR 3.90 per line
Subsequent implementation of changes (mark-up) EUR 250.00 / hour

Fee structure – details

You would like to know more about our fee structure? Here are the details regarding the cost of your translation project:

The relevant parameters for the price of a translation are:

  • the length of the text to be translated,
  • its original format as well as
  • any expressly agreed night, weekend or holiday surcharges, if applicable.

The starting point of the calculation is the standard text line fee of EUR 2.60 per line, with a standard text line consisting of 55 characters (i.e. characters including spaces and punctuation). The calculation is made on the basis of the document in the original language; this way, you know exactly – at the time of assigning a translation project – what the amount of the service fees will be. (By the way: with the statistics functions of MS Word (-> Menu “Review” -> “Proofing” -> “Word count”) you can easily make a preliminary estimate of the service fees yourself).

If the work on the original document requires considerable extra time for formatting, because it is not in a readily editable format (for example, it is only available as scan, non-editable PDF, fax etc.), a formatting surcharge of 25% applies.

Only to the extent that it has been previously agreed with the client that work on a translation project is to be done overnight, on weekends or holidays, a surcharge of 50% applies to that part of the translation work which, on the basis of the agreement, is to be completed during these times.

For the implementation of significant subsequent changes made to an original text which had already been translated, the fee for the revision work is calculated on a time basis at an hourly rate of EUR 250.00. Of course, this applies only to actual extra work which is expressly commissioned by the client. The surcharge for work which is done overnight, on weekends or holidays also applies in this regard.

You have further questions regarding our services or prices? We look forward to your call, fax or e-mail! Of course, we are happy to submit a binding offer to you upon request.

Sample translation

Proof of qualifications and experience and statements from satisfied customers give valuable indications – but at the end of the day it is only the quality actually delivered that counts.

Therefore: put us to the test!

If you are a new client or if you wish to convince one of your customers (who is not yet among our customer base) to entrust us with a translation, we offer you a sample translation at reduced rates:

  • up to 4 standard A4 pages free of charge
  • up to 8 standard A4 pages with a discount of 50%
  • if your text has more than 8 pages, we are happy to submit to you an individual offer with a new client discount