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Data protection and confidentiality

Data protection and confidentiality

As a consequence of the professional focus of HK Translations, practically all texts provided to us for translation are confidential. Sometimes it is standard business information, but in most cases we receive documents relating to transactions and business matters that are strictly confidential, also including insider information relevant from a securities law perspective. In this situation, data security and the protection of business secrets are of paramount importance at HK Translations: we treat your confidential data with great care.

Absolute discretion of all translators used by HK Translations with regard to your confidential information goes without saying for us; upon your request, we are happy to underpin this with the conclusion of a corresponding non-disclosure agreement.

We use state-of-the-art technology to protect your data against unauthorised access. If requested, we use the latest encryption technology (PGP) for the e-mail communication with our customers; please see below for information regarding the public PGP key of HK Translations The internal communication in our translation teams is also routinely made in encrypted form. Where large projects are handled by a team of several translators, we ensure by using server-based solutions, if required, that any individual translator can process the respective texts only on the server – without storing it individually at a local workplace.

We are happy to discuss your special data security and confidentiality requirements with you: please feel free to contact us!

Public PGP key of HK Translations as download.

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