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Conducting negotiations / Interpreting

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Over the years, there have been several occasions where our customers needed to conduct negotiations in connection with documents translated by us and asked us to support them in this respect, because they considered their foreign language proficiency to not be sufficient to conduct negotiations. Since this is not unusual, especially with small and medium-sized enterprises and law firms, HK Translations meanwhile offers this support also as a separate service.

Could you also benefit from this? That is well possible, since in addition to proven language proficiency you can also rely on negotiation experience and excellent professional expertise.

Languages / personnel

In accordance with the demand in the market, support for our clients in conducting foreign language negotiations is currently offered for the following language pairs:

  • German↔English
  • German↔French
  • French↔English.

As service providers, Holger Knoblauch (German↔English) and Claire Capogrosso (all three language pairs) are at your disposal:

  • The company founder and owner, German attorney Holger Knoblauch, has spent several years living and working in English-speaking countries and knows the negotiation situation involving German and English-speaking parties from his years of practice in one of the German offices of a large US corporate law firm. After more than 10 years as a translator for texts from the areas of law, business and finance, even exotic technical terms present no problem; besides, he can draw from two “Prädikat” degrees in law.
  • Claire Capogrosso, LL.M., grew up in a bilingual environment (French and English) and studied law in England, Saarbrücken and Cologne. She has been admitted in England as a solicitor since 2011 and has several years of professional experience in different law firms in London as well as in the European Commission’s Legal Service in Brussels.

It goes without saying that both have the ability – which is indispensable for a good attorney – to quickly grasp new complex sets of facts. A sincere demeanor and absolute confidentiality are also a matter of course.

Fee structure

Support for our clients in conducting foreign language negotiations is invoiced on an hourly rate basis at an hourly rate of EUR 200.00. Travel time (e.g. to preparatory meetings/briefings or to the venue of the negotiations) are invoiced at 50% of the hourly rate. Agreed travel and/or accommodation expenses that have been advanced have to be reimbursed upon submission of the relevant receipts.

Non-binding meeting / references

Obviously, for practical reasons it is not possible for us to offer you a “test negotiation”. However, Mr Knoblauch and Ms Capogrosso are at your disposal for a non-binding get-to-know meeting – in this case, only any incurred travel expenses etc. have to be reimbursed. In addition, we are happy to refer you to other customers who have already used our service “support in conducting foreign language negotiations”.