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Heike Kurtz

Heike Kurtz


  • Born 1970 in Stuttgart (Germany)
  • 1989: Abitur at Ludwig-Uhland-Gymnasium in Kirchheim unter Teck
  • 1991: Internship at the Association for the Economic Development of the Lyon Region (ADERLY) with the Chamber of Commerce in Lyon (France)
  • 1992: Diploma „European Secretary (ESA)“ at ABW Stuttgart
  • Thereafter:
    • Assistant to the key account manager Far East at Deutsche Vitrohm GmbH & Co. KG in Pinneberg (Germany)
      (Production and Distribution of resistors and SMD circuit boards)
    • Assistant to the CEO of Engcotec Engco Advanced Technology GmbH in Stuttgart (Germany)
      (Design and distribution of photovoltaic power systems and devices for installation in various countries in the Middle East)
    • Assistant to the CEO and the corporate counsel, then apple network system operator at Arno Welke Unternehmensberatung GmbH & Co. KG in Herten (Germany)
      (advisory services to various special interest magazine editors, e.g. „VW Scene International“, “Chrome & Flames“, „Airbrush, Art + Action“)
  • Since 1998: Freelance translator specialising in business, law and finance from English and French to German